Earbuds are amazing devices because they have the ability to bring rock concerts right into your ears; however, this is not the case with most buyers due to many reasons. There could be many reasons why your earbuds aren’t staying in your ear, but the main reason is that you’re not using the right type of earbud.

Point blank, don’t buy earbuds that are flat-shaped. Flat-shaped earbuds, e.g., the Apple earbuds, do not adjust to the contours of your ears. If you buy anything of this nature, you’re going to be disappointed. In order to get a proper fit, you must buy the right type of earbud.

A personal favorite of ours are the Shures. Since Shure is more on the expensive side of the sale, you can expect amazing quality. They offer a variety of earbuds, and they all adjust to your ear canals because they are made of material similar to memory foam.

Now, if you have different types of earbuds, that’s fine. Just make sure they are flexible and not flat-shaped. The way you best isolate sound is my twisting the earbuds into your canal. When you twist the earbuds into your canal, it creates somewhat of a suction, and they adhere closely to your skin. This delivers great sound directly into your experience.

When you are running, this suction makes it so that the earbuds won’t fall out of your ear until you start sweating uncontrollably.  The best type of earbuds that work for these are ones that have rubber earbud tips, such as the Shures. Rubber has such great friction inside of your ears that it really traps the sound inside.

Now, this is somewhat of a touchy matter because people fall in love with these techniques. And since they love the techniques, they start blasting their music to unnecessarily loud volumes. Don’t you make the same mistake. When you insert earbuds into your ears, make sure that your sound does not go louder than 85decibels, or traffic noise. If you go too loud, you may experience permanent hearing damage or loss.

The best way to ensure the perfect fit for your earbuds is by using them constantly. Higher quality earbuds have a “burning in” period in which you need to spend a few hours to a few days using the earbuds before they begin to match your physiology. So, make sure you use your earbuds often. Buy the ones that have rubber tips.

Essentially, what you must do is drive the earbuds straight into your canal, and then make a screwing motion. “Drill” the earbuds right into your canal.  Now, this drilling can actually get a bit annoying at first, but it is something you will easily become used to and become addicted to as well.

Stronger quality earbuds also have great levels of impendence, and you will find that they are easier to burrow into your ears. You will also notice that cheaper pairs will tend to give you pain when they are so far into your ear. The stronger quality earbuds will certainly leave an impression, but that impression will be positive because you will be experiencing heaven the second you listen to music through those pipes. Cheaper earbuds don’t really accommodate the individualized listening experience, but the top brands realize that the consumer will have different ways of experiencing music. The top brands honor such differences. Getting the perfect fit is really contingent on getting the right pair of earbuds.  Now, you may not be able to try every pair out, but you can certainly check out the back of the packaging for information about the product. If it doesn’t have sound isolation, extra earbuds and it is less than 35 dollars — don’t even think of investing.


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