There is little more distracting to a pleasurable audio experience than having to constantly untangle wires. The thin cords preferred by earbud manufacturers because of their lightweight quality are often delicate, and easily prone to breakage and tangling.

Bill Murray really put this in a nutshell with his famous line, “How to tie the strongest knot ever: 1) Put some headphones in your pocket 2) Wait one minute. Ta da!”

Many have sought to unravel our tangle frustrations. And yet most of the options for managing cables and preventing tangles fall way short when it comes to earbud cords. Coiling, taping, loose knotting, and binder clips can be useful in some situations but rarely fit the bill while we’re on the go.

A host of companies have tried to offer solutions for sorting out our twisted cables by adding accessories and gizmos. We can buy all manner of cord organizers and earphone holders in a jumble of decorative or plain shapes and sizes, made in all kinds of materials from leather to silicone.

This usually means our having to carry yet another item when we really want to be hands-free. And we’re likely as ever to lose more than a few of these tiny holders along the way.

Cord breakages are one of the worst ways we get stopped in our tracks. The tiny sheaths of plastic, rubber and thin copper wires that make up our earphone cables certainly put up with lots of stress, especially during outdoor activities. Curling and twisting cables to fine-tune our listening experience while we’re walking or jogging can cause irreparable damage and untold trips to the store to buy replacements.

How to protect earphone wires while enjoying music on a run, a workout or walking was, for me, a frustrating almost insoluble puzzle until I came across a company called MyBuds who make handmade wrapped earbuds, cables and gifts from their home studio in Huntington Beach, California.

Although there are others offering similar products, this creative duo is bringing a whole lot more than great style into the mix. The team’s creative process begins through sourcing affordable premium electronics for a superb listening and talking experience. Next, co-owners Sherri and Jamie rely on their extensive knowledge of macramé and jewelry-making techniques to produce the most resilient wrap, focusing on quality construction and finish. Thought’s gone into every knot. Every set of wrapped earbuds from their home studio is custom-produced in a satisfying and reliable way.

Beautifully covered with an amazing depth of durable and strong materials – from 100% eco cotton yarns to bright flosses with wonderful sheen, Egyptian cotton and mercerized cotton yarns – MyBuds earbuds contribute a protective layer, durability and yes, a healthy measure of style to our experience of premium electronics.

Brilliant colors and textures flatter our fingers with our own personally-chosen brand of cord protection. What better way to carefully maintain vulnerable earbuds cables, and reflect our personal style. This team has an eye for trends and color. Pop and vintage, music and moods, festivals and fashion, and wondrous nature – their inspirations are boundless.

The MyBuds range of wrapped earbuds includes four distinct designs:Solids – one favorite color throughout, Twisted – A twist of two complementary or contrasting colors, Color Block – slices of selected colors, and Designer – an intricate composition of Twisted and Color Block designs.

MyBuds wrap ANYthing that has a cord: earbuds, headphones, chargers, and splitters – whatever electronic item is causing you any frustration or that you simply want to look fabulous. Currently there are around 100 styles to choose from and plenty of cool add-ons to personalize our wrapped ‘buds

Regular maintenance of your earbuds – including cleaning, keeping them in a case at home when not in use, making sure pets can’t reach them, and remembering gentle handling at all times is vital to their longevity. Along with daily basics like these, MyBuds offer a life-changing way to step up care for our ‘buds while out and about, forming a layer of protection over the delicate areas where the earphone cord meets the jack and where the cord meets the earphones. When we’re super-active, sweaty wires can stick to our skin. MyBuds wrapped earbuds keep that from happening. And there are no additional gizmos to carry around, making our experience more natural.

MyBuds also wholeheartedly guarantee their craftsmanship. Careful attention is given to wrapping every device precisely. The MyBuds trademark is consistency, durability and beautiful custom design of the finest quality.

Finally, there’s a solution to earbud tangles and breakages that’s affordable, workable and stylish. The MyBuds team is at work daily, wrapping premium electronics for everyone: delicate, feminine, edgy, bold, chic – for every personality, for men, for women, for children, for teens. Check out MyBuds and untangle your buds!




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