I recently had a reader email me with a concern:

sir/madam, you some good points about buying a good pair of buds ,
now what brand name could you recommend ,, mine keeps breaking
because i forget they are in my ears and i roll over and pull on the
wire and some connection breaks and i have to buy a new pair,,,
thank you

This is an important issue. Without a good cord, even the best earbuds will be reduced to junk. There are two issues that a bad cord can present: microphonics and sound transmision.

Nu Force NE-7M: Affordable, yet robust.

If your cord breaks, sound no matter how good won’t transfer.

There are several ways to solve which cord do you need. First off, try to buy earbuds with a clip (here is an image of what I am talking about). Most earbuds usually come with this clip. Make sure to use it. This way when you turn, there won’t be stress on the wires, but instead on your clothing.

If you are looking for specific recommendations, I have tried several pairs of earbuds with superb cords. I am not sure what your budget is, so I will give you a low priced earbud and a medium priced earbud

Head-Direct RE0: Best bang for your buck

For the cheaper earbud, I found that the NuForce NE-7M can not be beat.

They have a very good rubbery cord, a clip and are probably the best earbud I have ever heard for under $50. These lasted me 2 years before the casing broke (I was pretty rough with them)

The best earbud for the value for your buck is the Head-Direct RE0. Great sound (best for under $100) and the cord will last. The cord might feel cheap, but it hasn’t broken on me yet. And the sound is phenomenal.


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