Skullcandy has certainly built up a reputable name over the past few years. It is popular amongst many teens. With a combination of stylish packaging and an affordable price, it’s no wonder why so many high school students nationwide prefer Skullcandy over many other competitive brands. Skullcandy certainly knows its market, and it makes no apologies for the earbuds it sells. That having been said, it is quite understandable that Skullcandy does not necessarily market its products toward the intense audiophiles. If you love to hear the entire gamut of highs, mids, lows, powerful drivers, and intense acoustics, perhaps you should look into spending your money on a pair of earbuds in the $150+ range. That having been said, the Smokin’ Buds are an excellent purchase for anyone who just wants to have that momentary break from reality.
Skullcandy’s designs are relatively unmatched. You can buy the smokin’ buds in a variety of colors. There are the normal blue, red, and black colors that have all come to love and respect; however, if you’re feeling a little funky, you can also buy the Rastafari colored ones.


Quite a popular choice and should be satisfactory for most. True audiophiles (and bass lovers) stay away

The Smokin’ Buds are marketed at an affordable price that is pleasing to people who want good sound within a reasonable spending limit. The acoustics are nice.
The impendence is at a level of 16ohms, so you can be assured that you won’t be hearing the tinny screech sounds that one would expect from earbuds that have been made with poor quality.


What’s even more beautiful is that the earbuds contain neodymium magnets within themselves. These magnets are amongst the most powerful magnets found in the world, and you will find them in the greatest pairs of earbuds on the market. They essentially guide the flow of electricity through the earbuds in a much more efficient way so that almost all of the sound goes directly to your ears; therefore, sound loss is heavily minimized, if not completely obliterated. The bass response on these is pretty nice, but don’t buy them specifically for that quality. For one, the best inducers of bass are the drivers. Even considering the fact that they are placed inside earbuds, at 9mm, the drivers are small. 11mm would have made a bigger difference; furthermore, the range of sound goes from 20hz to 20khz. This range shows us that Skullcandy definitely understands the limits of human ear hearing capacity, because we cannot hear above 20khz. What’s most important in these figures, however, is the 20hz. Earbuds that offer great bass generally have a much lower number in this area. Earbuds that have excellent bass typically start off with figures around 12hz-15hz. The lower the number of the starting hertz, the deeper the bass. In any case, the bass in these babies is still sufficient enough to allow you to get your groove on.


One of the greatest selling points of these earbuds is the inline control. You can control the volume through the earbuds itself! This makes the earbuds excellent for running. Furthermore, they also come with different sized earbud foams; therefore, the earbuds will most likely have a size to accommodate your ears. Lastly, they come with a carrying case! This will ensure long-lasting quality.


The downfall of these earbuds, from personal experience, is that they don’t last long unless you actually use the carrying case. If you use them appropriately, if you use the carrying case, if you clean them after use, you can be assured that these earbuds will last you a while; however, if you mistreat them, they typically lose their quality within about a month and a half.


Anyway, at $30, these earbuds are right up your alley. Go get them if you are someone who has respect for sound and wants to exercise in style. Even if you don’t like exercising, these earbuds will certainly accommodate your busy lifestyle.


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  1. Skullcandy seems to get little respect from the audio community, but they aren’t trying to be the next Sennheiser. Skullcandy makes decent earbuds at affordable prices.

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